Meet the people behind The Movement. 

Lauren Gauthier, MPH 
Prevention Supervisior


Lauren Gauthier joined The Movement at its inception in 2011 as the Project Coordinator. After receiving her BS and BA from Emory University, the native Louisianan moved to New Orleans in 2009 to pursue her Masters in Public Health at Tulane University. Lauren has worked as a Black AIDS Institute Fellow to mobilize testing among young gay and bisexual men of color throughout the South. In 2014, Lauren was named one of POZ magazine’s Top 100 HIV Youth Advocates Under 30. Lauren enjoys swimming, movies and debating about sports (especially football).


If you had super powers what would they be?

"The ability to fly and breathe underwater."

David Thom
Prevention Navigator: +One

David Thom is the +One Coordinator at The Movement. David cites their background in music and performing arts as forms of therapy to be the catalyst driving them to help others, especially others of the QTPOC community, in any way possible. From Virginia, David travelled south as a music student and found a haven in the city of New Orleans, being a city full of beautiful people and music. You can catch David breezing around the city singing on their bike, napping on sunny days in any of the parks in the city, somewhere eating (probably West Indian cuisine), or whining their waist at the local function.


What’s your sign?



Fernando Cruz

Prevention Coordinator: Mpowerment


Fernando Cruz has always had a passion for helping people. When he saw an opening at The Movement, he just had to get involved. After working almost a decade in retail he came to a point in his life where he had to rethink his entire career path and life goals. He moved away from New Orleans, but soon moved back after having missed his hometown. Becoming a MPOWERMENT Coordinator at The Movement has given Fernando the opportunity to truly flourish in his community and to fulfill his goal of helping people at the same time.


What's your favorite childhood movie?

"Aladdin. I could watch it a million times and never get sick of it."


Kyle Mills
Prevention Coordinator: Mpowerment


Kyle Mills is the Prevention Coordinator at The Movement. He was born and raised in New Orleans and also commonly described as some kind of magical creature. With his carefree attitude and cheery disposition, he aimlessly navigates throughout life bringing common respect and love to the people he meets wherever he goes. Kyle became interested in HIV prevention after many years of volunteering at The Movement, and a big willingness to help others. Kyle likes doing different types of work outs, aerial performances, gaming, and any form of cartoons.


If you could travel to anywhere where would it be?

“To the Moon, or to space in general , cause Earth is filled with too much limitations…”