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Has The World Gone Raw?

July 29, 2016

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Halloween Costumes based on your Zodiac sign.

September 22, 2017

It's almost the time of year to get spooky, get dressed up (or down), and let loose! In case you haven't been planning your Halloween costume for months on end..looking at you's some suggestions based on your zodiac sign. Enjoy!

Aries are #1 in the zodiac. Characterized as headstrong, and being excellent leaders.


Leonidas (300)

Marie Antoinette




Taurus is a solid personality. Very practical individuals, SOMETIMES with a strong will and determination.


Jean Grey (NOT Phoenix)

 Harry Potter




Gemini is flexible, with a certain allure and curiosity.








Cancer is sympathetic, imaginative and loyal. This sign can also be manipulative.



 Poison Ivy




Leos are ambitious characters. Always confident (maybe a bit too confident), with a dominating personality.




 *Ursula gifs are just toogood, had to give my girl 2 moments to shine lol




Virgo is reliable like any earth sign, while also very selective and analytical.



 Professor X



Libra is a decisive personality with idealistic views.



 Anubis (American Gods)




Scorpios are overflowing with passion, making them very dynamic individuals.







Sagittarius are independent, and like fire signs tend to be prone to change



Sailor Mars




Capricorn is another zodiac associated with leaders. This sign is more resourceful and ambitious.







Aquarius is the inventor of the zodiac. Always witty, this sign has an answer for EVERYTHING.



Rock Lee




Pisces is the dreamy, imaginative zodiac sign. Though very devoted, Pisces tend to be fleeting.



Liu Kang


Wednesday Addams


*so there's 3 for Pisces since I'm biased..

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